How To Worship During Your Storm


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Storms very in the lives of individuals. Many are going through, been through or will go through. But in the mist of your storm do you or will you still worship and praise God? There are times when many want to give in and perhaps give up. But what many Believers and Non Believers may not be aware of is that is when we need God most. The enemy's goal is for one to withdraw from his presence. One then may start to believe the lie that God has forsaken them. Problem is when storms hit one's life show up in the presence of God. Let the enemy know that you will run and get even closer to God. I had a person tell me today, I pray. I cry out to God and he does not answer my prayer. This did not surprise me as I have heard such before. In my response I explored the person's faith in a non- judgemental way. Think about the story of Noah In Genesis 6-9:17. Storms will come and go. Yet ones faith, trust in God, praise and worship will get them through. With all that is going on don't lose your joy. If you are struggling, drowning or losing hope let's talk about it. Praise and worship leaders can only do so much.Join Pastor Daniel Estell and I as he provide biblical teachings and principles as it relates to the Word Of God. Such will encourage, make you laugh, think, smile and challenge your faith or strengthen your faith as you praise and worship God during your storm. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914 live 12/18/18 at 11:30am Pacific.

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