Lazy Christian


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Are you on fire for the lord? Are you taking care of God's Business? Are you so consumed with the world til when it comes to your relationship with God you are on empty? As Believers many have a misconseption when it come to being an active Christian. When I think of the word lazy several forms of laziness came to my mind other than being Church Lazy or a Lazy Christian. Yet today we have so many Lazy Christians. Many would say, " I attend church every Sunday." " I feed the poor and pay my tithes." These are just to name a few. So what does it mean to be a lazy Christian? Can one be so busy yet still be a lazy Christian? Let's examine this question. Become aware by acknowledging and breaking bad habits. Life is too short to be lazy. Join Pastor Daniel Estell and I as we discuss this topic. Let's be about God's Business and be active for the lord. Live 10/9/18 at 11:30am. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation.

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