Let It Go


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When it comes to letting go of things or people such can be a challenge for many. 2018 is over and as we enter into the first month of 2019 many have made promises to change, prosper and grow in many areas of their life. Be it personal or relational letting go means being willing to allow life to carry one into a new place or developing a new attitude. As a child I use to hear my elders say perhaps trimming the fat. To let it go. The it can be anything. However it must be identified and acknowledged. If not it will turn into pain, hurt and resentment. Many have declared that they have let go and let God yet continue to struggle with forgiving themself or the one that they feel mayhave hurt them. Join me and the callers as we discuss tips on how to let go, understanding the process and the importance of forgiveness. Life is precious and time is short. Wasting time depletes one's energy. 2019 should bring about change so let's let somethings go. Live 1/7/19 at 12pm. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation.

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