Missing But Not Forgotten


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Recently my daughter brought something to my attention. I recall going into Walmarts and seeing pictures of lost and missing children. I also remember when they started the Amber Alert System. However when my daughter shared with me that there are 64,000 missing Black Women and Girls in the United States and no one seems to care. I became outraged. I recall telling my children by way of threat about being placed on a milk carton. So I want to let others know that I do care. And it saddens me that this issue appears to be overlooked. Based on information I reviewed nationwide over the years there appear to be a disturbingl disproportionate number of Black women and girls across the United States have gone missing. What's even more alarming is that the media coverage and legislation that missing Black girls are getting seems to be lacking compared to others that have gone missing. It is often unclear whether they have run away from home, were inflicted by violence, abducted, sent into sex industry or taken for their organs. Let's not only talk about it. Let's do something about it. Live 4/1/19 at 12pm Pacific. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation.

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