Suicide And The Church


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The church, suicide, and mental health is a very necessary conversation. When it comes to mental health it can impact nearly every moment of ones life. It also has an impact on others including the church. For some individuals, life struggles whatever it may be is manageable and one may be able to function. For others such may take their own life. Suicide is no joke. There was a study conducted and such indicated that 76% of churchgoers agreed that suicide was a problem that needs to be proactively addressed in their local communities and 84% agreed that churches have a responsibility to provide resources and support to individuals with mental health and their families. What are your views? Do you know the warning signs of suicide? How can the church meet ones needs? Join Pastor Daniel Estell and I as we discuss this topic 11/27/18 live at 11:30am. Call 516 387-1914 to join in on the conversation

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