Episode 67: Behind the Book Lightning Sales Ops - Matt Bertuzzi


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As much as every SDR loves using technology and programs to help them connect with prospects, no one likes to spend valuable time filling out endless online forms and getting crushed by an avalanche of pre-set tasks.

Our guest today is Matt Bertuzzi, VP of Sales and Marketing Operations at The Bridge Group and author of Lighting Sales Ops, a book about how to make SalesForce work for you. We’re talking all about the top issues SDRs and managers face when using CRMs like SalesForce, and how you can tweak small points of conflict in the pipeline to reduce friction and close deals.

Episode Highlights:

  • What inspired Matt Bertuzzi to write Lightning Sales Ops
  • The issue every CRM faces
  • Encouraging leaders to lean into new tools and thought processes
  • Breaking down the concept of leads versus context and accounts
  • How to reduce the amount of effort and friction in the pipeline while maximizing impact
  • Eliminating “clicks” and letting the system do the work


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