141 - Financial Failure & Your Eligibility to Serve


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Don’t wait for financial success to be the permission for you to go out and serve people.
You don't need to take notes today, just listen to it on repeat a few times and go out and DO.
There are some skills you have not yet mastered and nobody has shared with you the importance of what it means to be great at something AND make significant money at it.
Here are 20:
1. Do you know who you want to sell to?
2. What do they really want?
4. What are you the best at?
5. Do you know where you’re going?
6. Are you out there using every platform daily?
7. Do you know how to tell someone what you do?
8. When you are in the presence of your ideal client, do you know how to have a conversation with them in such a way that they desire to work with you?
9. Do you know how to “close”?
10. Do you know how to take cost of your service out of the equation?
You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself and your finances, you don’t have time to hide from social media until you get it all figured out. You’ve got now, you’ve got today and if you are not out there sharing your life and your abilities that God gave you to help others you’re being selfish and you’re squandering the power you have to serve humanity on ego.
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