A New Zealand Midwife talks Australian Maternity Care


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In this episode of Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond we speak with Angel Temple, a New Zealand trained midwife with postgraduate education in Gender studies. Practising in Australia for the past two years as a remote rural midwife Angel is in a unique position to see the differences between the two systems of maternity care. We know from the latest research from around the world that this model of care provides the best outcomes for mothers and babies. Right now, less than 8% of women in Australia have access to this model. The systems and policies that make up our maternity healthcare are currently, being reviewed and many of the stakeholders are adding in their advice, experience and opinions on where Maternity should be headed. As consumers, we sit at the heart of the discussion, it is after all, us that foots the bill and us that is affected in the short and long-term from the care we receive or don't receive. Add your voice to the conversation by making it clear to our healthcare services and the Australian government that you want access to universal, Quality, Midwife-Led, Continuity of Care nearby where you live - https://bit.ly/2GgUCXy Join us for a lively discussion on where we are at and some of the challenges we have in moving forward. For more information about PBB Media and our work, head to www.pbbmedia.org Produced and Presented by Annalee Atia. Copyright PBB Media and Annalee Atia 2018 www,pbbmedia.org

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