Post Natal Depletion: A Guide for Dads


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Most mothers have experienced exhaustion, pain, forgetfulness, indecision, low energy levels, moodiness, or some form of baby brain. And it's no wonder: The process of growing a baby depletes a mother's body in substantial ways. As a result, a woman can suffer from the effects of post natal depletion for many years. For dads, it can be a minefield of uncertainty and misunderstanding.
Supporting woman and families with recovery from post natal depletion is the life work of our special guest Dr Oscar Serrallach. Dr Serrallach was first to recognise something he termed Post-Natal Depletion, describing the broader clinical pattern of many women presenting with these symptoms after having children. He has since dedicated his work towards researching this condition and applying the practice of Functional Medicine to help his clients with their recovery.
On this show, Dr Oscar and Sean Tonnet will nut through some of the most significant facts and actions Dads can make in supporting themselves, their woman and their children around this essential topic.
First aired on 99.9 Bay FM in Byron Bay on 3rd June 2019.
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