The Hidden Gifts of Menstruation


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Karin Gisler shares her perspectives on menstruation, a process that visits women for about 1/7th of her life during her fertile years.
For about 4 days in every month across approximately 40 years women menstruate. That’s around 1/7th of every woman’s life through those years. Yet for most women, they cover up the process and 'soldier on' with all their usual commitments, in spite of their body wanting to rest and take time out.
Karin Gisler shares her perspectives about the importance of paying respect to this process, and in doing so, develop an understanding of the inner workings of a woman's body each month. For Karin, her menstrual cycle is an invaluable "health barometer". Karin also sees the importance of fathers and male partners taking the time to learn more about the menstrual cycle and how it impacts relationships. Finally she shares tips for families who are preparing for a daughter who is approaching menarche.
More to explore in Karin's blog post here:
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First aired on 99.9 BayFM Byron Bay on 13 August 2018.
Presenter and producer: Sally Cusack
Guest: Karin Lucia Gisler -
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