Tuning into Kids and Teens with Dr Christiane Kehoe


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Tuning into Kids and Teens: The essential guide for parents, to emotional and relationship bonds with children.
The importance of emotional competence for children and parents is highlighted in this powerful interview with Dr Christiane Kehoe. Not only is there undeniable evidence (gathered from the existing Tuning into Kids and Teens programs) on the outcomes around children and parents relationships, and emotional wellness, Christiane and the Mindful team are building and delivering a suite of programs that support families and communities internationally and across Australia. Discover the 5 emotional coaching steps essential for every parent and absorb contemporary ideas on how we feel, respond and parent. This interview is not to be missed!
Producer and presenter: Sean Tonnet
Dr Christiane Kehoe, University of Melbourne
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2. Tuning into Kids
3. Resourcing Parents
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First aired on 99.9 BayFM Byron Bay on 13 August 2018.

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