Level 3.21 - Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo vs. Trump's Terrible Tariffs


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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Sean, Doug, and DJ talk about Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Trump's terrible tariffs, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Nutaku and more.

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:36

    Sean talks slowly but surely getting his sea legs back in Crash Team Racing and recounts getting his cheeks clapped online in Smash Bros Ultimate. Doug jumps back & forth between killer & survivor in Dead By Daylight; and vents about the woes of being an Orioles fan in MLB: The Show. Dj yet again talks more Dauntless, before giving us his promised impressions of Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

Gaming News - Time code: 14:16

    The quick hits: Playstation Plus Games and Xbox Games for Gold for July; My Friend Pedro has an impressive first week haul; Dragonball Kakarot to expand the DBZ canon with new stories; Pokemon Masters promises to bring "real time team battles" to our phones this summer; Tetris Royale (not to be confused with Tetris 99) is bringing block on block violence to mobile. The heavy hitters: The Big 3 band together in an effort to be left out of Trump's new tariffs; No National Pokedex expansion coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield despite fan outcry; The founder of Blizzard defends it's use of development crunch; Stadia ensures access to games for consumers even if publisher support is pulled; Adult company, Nutaku, drops 5 mil to produce erotic games for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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