Level 3.25 - Blackjack & Hookers with GTA Online


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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Douglas, Marcus and DJ talk about squading up in Overwatch, CD Projekt Red having their words misconstrued, a new Pokemon game, gambling in GTA5, and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 03:17

    Marcus nears the end to his open-world slog through Days Gone; while DJ almost gets murked by an OP Dragon in Dragon's Dogma & gives early impressions on ThatGameCompany's new mobile game Sky: Children of the Light. Then they talk about their gay ole time squading up in Overwatch for the first time in years.

Gaming News - Time code: 29:07

    The quick hits: CD Projekt Red promises not to disrespect religion in Cyberpunk 2077; Team Go Rocket invades Pokemon Go; A new Pokemon game in the works from The Pokemon Company and Tencent; Microsoft YEETS Cortana into the recycling bin; Nintendo Switch gets the first three Doom games along with some DRM for good measure; The first official PS5 game is confirmed; and Anthem needs to kill its in-game store. The heavy hitters: Kojima thinks Mads Mikkelsen is more breathtaking than Keanu; Heartman is a minute man (or a 21 minute man rather) in his Death Stranding character trailer; We talk about the internet losing its chips over the new GTA5 Online Casino update; and lastly talk about Nintendo being sued for Fast & Furious: Tokyo Joy-con Drift.

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