S501: The Sugar Daddy part 1


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1980s Prostitution in the Streets of Detroit

Back in the 1980s, Mark Bando was a Detroit police officer working the streets of Detroit. His assignment was to keep tabs on women forced into prostitution, their pimps, and the sugar daddies who kept them in business. Dawn Spens was one of those women. We follow their interlaced story.

Dawn’s sugar daddy was a prominent psychologist named Alan Canty. He would meet her for sex during his lunch break. This relationship went on for two years. Meanwhile, his wife Jan Canty didn’t know what was really going on. This rendezvous didn’t last forever. Hear how Alan Canty’s double life was exposed.

Meet the characters

The Sugar Daddy- Alan Canty

The Sex Worker- Dawn Spens

The Pimp- John “Lucky”


If you enjoyed the story, check out Lowell Caufiel’s book titled Masquerade

To learn more about Jan Canty's memoir go to www.jancantyphd.com

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This episode was written and produced by Javier Leiva

Edited by Molly Brock

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