S502: The Sugar Daddy part 2


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Alan Canty spent most of his lunch breaks rendezvousing with an 18-year-old sex worker named Dawn Spens in the seedy streets of downtown Detroit. His wife Jan Canty had no idea he was living a double-life.

A real-life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde saga

Alan Canty was a prominent psychologist but to Dawn, and her pimp John “Lucky” Fry, he was known as Dr. Alan Miller. He developed an alter ego in order to protect his two worlds from colliding. However, secrets can’t last forever. One day, Alan Canty’s love affair came to a tragic end.

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If you enjoyed the story, check out Lowell Caufiel’s book titled Masquerade

To learn more about Jan Canty’s memoir go to www.jancantyphd.com

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