Sculpting Your Self-Concept


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Sculpting your self-concept is a big middle finger to looking outside yourself to confirm, validate or define who you are. Choosing your own self-concept is saying new rules, motherf*cker! In the episode, I share WTF your self concept is, three core elements when creating it and how your own self concept affects your relationships, how you make your decisions and take action.

Join me as I teach you how to sculpt your self concept muscles, why your self-concept is truly what creates the space for you to achieve your goals, and I share the biggest shift I had to make in my own self-concept

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  • The biggest shift in my own self-concept.
  • How to find evidence for the self-concept you desire.
  • Why examining our self-concept at every level is so important.
  • The difference between belief in ourselves versus our self-concept.
  • Why challenging your self-concept is meant to feel uncomfy.
  • My self-concept examples you can adopt to help grow your own self-concept.
  • Why you don’t have to be realistic about your self-concept.

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