Taking Comfort in the Sound of Silence


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Restaurants, bars, coffee shops — is there any public place left that doesn’t play background music? Loudly? In
this show, we’re making the case for more silence. Because perhaps some need the drone of TVs, traffic and Muzak, to drown out the pesky sound of thinking, but others go to great lengths to find respite from a blaringly loud world.

Original Air Date: December 09, 2017


Erling KaggeGordon HemptonGeorge Michelsen FoyKyle GannShawn WenJennifer Egan

Interviews In This Hour:

The Contemplative Silence Of A Cold, Lonely Journey A Nature Preserve For The Quiet Of NatureThe Volume Of Absolute SilenceThe Tale of a Mute Piano PerformanceA Silent Soliloquy From The World's Greatest MimeThe Pauses Between Chords of Iconic Rock and Roll

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