688: Problem Solving Versus Problem Creating


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In today's Q&A episode we are talking about the difference between solving the problem and further creating new ones. How to focus on coming up with solutions rather than paying attention to how you feel about the problem? Tune in for the answer!

We answer these questions in today's episode:

Any tips for problem solving (instead of problem creating)?

What the differences are between MCT oil and coconut oil. Are they the same thing? I tried your bullet proof tea the other day, making it with a tablespoon of butter and of coconut oil and found it to be somewhat greasy. Am I using the right amounts?

What is happiness?

I’ve lost weight before but I couldn’t really see the change. The clothes were a smaller size and people said “you look great “ but I couldn’t see it. Do you have suggestions for how to change that kind perspective?

I'm feeling borderline depressed and unmotivated to do anything. I feel like I spend all my time planning, prepping, and cleaning for my household, with very little gratitude and appreciation. And half the time I feel like I'm just wasting my time and energy on things that only matter to me. I know what I need to do. I know what I want to do. But why should I do them if it doesn't matter to anyone else? How can I stay motivated when no one else around me is or even cares?

I signed up for your Breaking Barriers course in June, it is now November and I have yet to complete it, not because I am too busy, but I forget to make it a priority and I get lazy. So my question .... do you think I would do better in the twelve weeks to transformation group? I think I may need more accountability.


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