EP91 - Oh, You Tease!


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In this episode Moose and Dews start off by discussing Moose's theory of life (which involves waaaaay more fecal matter than you'd imagine) before getting on to discussing why salmon with beards would likely be an evolutionary dead end. Riveting stuff. They also completely forget to hook and tease the ACTUAL tease (which possibly concerns the 2019 AGM) which is at the end of the podcast.

Eventually they get on to business matters, with possibly the most crucial membership update in Primordial Radio's history. Following on from EP90, they examine the initial results, and talk about why the next few weeks are so important.

They also look forward to this upcoming weekend's Birthday Beers in Brum and discuss the upcoming merch drop, before getting really, excessively, bigly cryptic about an upcoming announcement.

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