The Great Southern Flamingo: Kody Lane


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The person that said "you won't make any friends in the wrestling business" must of been great at parties. It just so happens that today i am joined by one of closest friends i made in this crazy journey. Seriously, somewhere between us training with one of the best in the world, the long miles shared and me holding his dislocated arm up for 4 hours to spare him any discomfort, I thought to myself "We might do this kind of shit together for the rest of our lives." Kody Lane is a guy that embodies Freedom and where I come from, being original and true to one's self is worth it's wait in gold, or in Kody's case; ketchup or beaver nuggets. We talk about his humble beginnings learning to wrestle in a park. Paying dues. And how we got the cops called on us filming in a mall. Truly was a blast hanging out and shooting the shit with a friend I rarely seen anymore... which made it all mean that much more.

"IT'S HOTTER THEN TWO FOXES IN A FOREST FIRE!!" - Patrick Conner (1969 - 2021)

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