The Positive Impact and Value of Beautifying Your Allied Health Business Home Base


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I have recently had numerous conversations with allied health business owners I work with who have been growing their businesses, building their teams, signing contracts, planning, designing new rooms and building websites. And one question that is commonly asked is on the topic of rooms - the look of your office / centre / clinic, whatever you may call it.

As with any other facet of your business like accounting, marketing, etc., working with a design professional in enhancing the look, feel, and image of your allied health business is now being availed by future-focused small and fast-growing allied businesses.

Episode highlights:

  • Evaluating your work place and the image it portrays in the market.
  • Engaging designers to fit out the rooms / area.
  • The impact that beautifully designed spaces can bring to your customer experience and perception.
  • Using professional photography of the rooms for branding materials.
  • Guidelines that designers can bring in to the overall look of the business and its effect on the clients.
  • Doing a walk through and audit of your space and working out a beautification plan

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