Chris Shuler The Start-up Expert Interview on Capital Club Radio


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Chris Shuler The Start-up Expert Interview on Capital Club Radio Michael Flock of FLOCK Specialty Finance interviews Chris Shuler, who has over 29 years as a corporate executive in the financial services and credit industry. Chris is President of Activate Financial, located in San Diego, which is a fully licensed, national, third-party collection agency that is focused on bad debt recovery and skip tracing services. He is an entrepreneur who has been very successful in the start-up of five new ventures over his professional career. Some of these ventures include Vital Solutions, Inc., Credit Performance Services and National Bankruptcy Services Corporation. In the interview, Chris discusses how dedication, desire, determination and hard work have been a huge part of his success. During his extensive corporate career, Chris was the COO for American First Finance in Dallas, CEO & President of Vital Solutions, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., Senior Vice President of Business Development for JDR Receivables Management, Marketing Director and then Vice President of Business Development for Wallace & de Mayo, P.C. His career highlights include such accomplishments as delivering phenomenal growth of $80M+ in annualized revenue in less than three years for the start-up Credit Performance Services. Additionally, while at Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., he led the bad debt purchasing division and grew it from 1.8 million accounts owned in 1998 to 19 million accounts owned in 2001. Chris earned a BS degree from the University of West Georgia and is a graduate of the Management Institute of Technology from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has served as the National Treasurer of the Chi Phi Fraternity and as Chairman of the Chi Phi Educational Trust. Furthermore, he has served as Treasurer and Vice President of the University of West Georgia’s National Alumni Association. Here is a glimpse of what Chris shared in the interview. “Dedication, desire, determination, hard work put in the sweat equity…So just work hard, learn the business and opportunity abounds.” “We focused on those two verticals and back to the trust thing, back to business development thing, back to relationships. People trusted both Chris and I and we were able to put it together.” “I’ve believed in conflict theory for a long time. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Capital Club Radio Hosted by: Michael Flock Sponsored by: Flock Specialty Finance Providing a forum for leaders in the middle market segment which has typically been undeserved by traditional banking. Listeners gain valuable business insights and perspectives to deal with market uncertainty. Topics include: key success factors, both personal and professional, dealing with adversity, outlook for the industry and your business. For more info about Michael Flock and Flock Specialty Finance visit: To listen to more episodes visit: To nominate or submit a guest request visit: To view more photos visit:

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