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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Strategies for Business Leaders on Georgia Podcast Zach Hoffmeister Recent Robinson College of Business MBA graduate Zach Hoffmeister has enjoyed significant financial success buying and selling cryptocurrency. In 2018 he co-authored a book with John Granofsky and Tim Suggs called The Millionaire Millennials, a beginner’s guide to investing in cryptocurrency. This book highlights two Georgia State grads’ oft-suspenseful stories of their pitfalls and glory in cryptocurrency investment. Zach's story has been featured in several Georgia State University publications, and he has been a guest on numerous podcasts and panels discussing the future of cryptocurrency. Topics to Discuss: Bitcoin Blockchain technology Cryptocurrency markets Web Site / Social Media Links: John Granofsky John Granofsky obtained his MBA degree from Robinson College of Business in 2017, and began trading cryptocurrencies that same year. John worked alongside Zach Hoffmeister in developing investment strategies that they would later outline in The Millionaire Millennials, a book they co-authored and published with mutual friend Tim Suggs. John has been a guest on several cryptocurrency-related podcasts and has attended numerous cryptocurrency conferences around the country over the past year. Topics You Would Like to Discuss: Bitcoin Blockchain technology Cryptocurrency markets Web Site / Social Media Links: Roop Singh Intuit Factory Technology Strategist | Blockchain Educator | TEDx Speaker | Turban Collector Roop is founder and principal at Intuit Factory, a Blockchain business strategy consulting firm. Hes also a co-founder of a stealth product startup in the Blockchain identity space. Roop gave a TEDx talk in March 2019 on Who owns your digital identity? As a public speaker, Roop helps audiences understand the potential, impacts, pitfalls, and risks, guiding the evolution of business and society into a Blockchain driven world. As a trainer and a coach, Roop designs and delivers seminars, workshops, and trainings for Fortune 100 and Global 2000 clients. He has also featured as a guest speaker and invited panelist at Harvard University, Emory University, and others. Prior to delving into the Blockchain space, Roop was a business transformation leader with 14 years of experience driving change at the intersection of business and technology. As a techno-strategist, his expertise includes business process transformation, business architecture, customer experience management, and aligning strategy and operational process excellence. His professional experience spans leading corporations like IHG, AT&T, Home Depot, SecureWorks, Cox Enterprises as well as multilateral UN programs, non-profits, and startups. Roop was elected to the Board of Directors of the Georgia Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in 2008-2010 and also served as co-chair of its Trade committee. He was also invited to join the Executive Team of TiE Atlanta, the Top 5 chapter of a global entrepreneur development network, and was instrumental in establishing and leading its TMT (Telecom, Media and Technologies) Special Interest Group. He has also served on the Advisory Board of the Process Excellence Network (PEX), a community of process professionals and business leaders promoting process and operational excellence in the industry. Roop is a Certified Process Professional (CPP)- Master with the BP Group, focusing on Outside-In Customer Experience Management. He has an Advanced Business Certificate in Business Process Management from the Objects Management Group. He also holds a certificate from Harvards HBX program. Roop has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Mysore University, India. He received a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. He has served as an adjunct in their top-ranked Computer Information Systems program. His research interests integrate Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Ontology Management and Semantics. He has published in industry journals and regularly presents at conferences. Topics to Discuss: -TEDx Atlanta Talk on 'Who actually owns your digital identity?' #Blockchain - unlocking the emerging identity revolution Please watch the talk for background context, would love to explore questions around privacy, and blockchain as a technology for the identity of humans and things. What will the future with blockchain look like? -Upcoming Executive education 3-day program "Blockchain Strategy for Business Leaders" in partnership with Robinson College of Business, GSU Web Site / Social Media Links: More about Georgia Podcast "Who's Who and What's New Georgia!" Interviewing industry and thought leaders with compelling stories. In addition to the live broadcast, content is distributed across multiple syndicated platforms with more than 500,000 downloads. Show Host: Rich Casanova, Chief Visionary Officer Pro Business Channel Rich Casanova began his broadcasting career in California’s central valley at KSKS-FM. While in California he also ran a successful entertainment company whose staff and crew entertained over 100,000 people. After moving to Atlanta and selling his entertainment company, Casanova ventured into publishing as the Publisher and Franchise Owner of Coffee News, headquartered in Bangor, ME. Later became the Founder and CCO, Chief Connection Officer, of an online platform where local business professionals register to receive a free list of the top 100 networking events in metro Atlanta. With a name like Casanova and his gregarious personality, Rich was a natural as a music radio DJ. "I got the radio bug early in my career and often thought how great it would be if there was an opportunity to participate in a talk radio format with a pro-business perspective interviewing thought leaders from the local business community." Thus was born the Pro Business Channel where Rich is the CoFounder and Chief Visionary Officer. Check out more episodes at: Submit a guest request at: View guest photos at:

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