Data Visualization Intelligence has optimized an expense line item to become an opportunity for creating value!


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Data Visualization Intelligence has optimized an expense line item to become an opportunity for creating value! Collecting and organizing data for visualization provides insight to make successful business decisions. Our guest, Bruce Kopkin, CMO for Data Visualization Intelligence, (DVI) explains how DVI reimagined Travel & Expenses to not only contain and reduce them but creates value by increasing business development opportunities from them. Data Visualization Intelligence, acronym DVI is not a travel agency, it is a data science company. DVI applies intuitive visualizations to provide a complete view of a Company’s Travel & Expenses that make it obvious if and where there are issues that need to be addressed and leads to recognizing opportunities that otherwise could not have been seen. You can share the data DVI delivers with your current travel agencies to optimize your Travel Program, enhance Duty of Care, and reduce your T&E and meeting spend. DVI’s data science collection and analysis How DVI’s applies data to contain and reduce costs How DVI’s data visualization opens opportunities How DVI’s data enhances Duty of Care How DVI’s data can keep associates safe during Covid-19 How DVI’s data helps develop budgets How DVI’s data gives an advantage negotiating with suppliers What industries can benefit from DVI’s data Show Host: Artie Ruderman The Business Developers Network where today’s leading business developers share and learn innovative business development concepts to generate greater value for their businesses. Broadcasting LIVE from the Pro Business Channel studios in Atlanta. For more info about the show sponsor visit: To listen to more episodes visit: To view more photos from this show visit: To nominate or submit a guest request visit: ‹ › × × Previous Next jQuery(function() { // Set blueimp gallery options jQuery.extend(blueimp.Gallery.prototype.options, { useBootstrapModal: false, hidePageScrollbars: false }); }); Flickr Album Gallery Powered By: WP Frank

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