Nate Martin from Magnolia Room at Facebook Boost in Atlanta on Georgia Podcast


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Facebook brought its global Boost with Facebook event back to Atlanta on Sept. 10 and the event was a huge success. Facebook welcomed over 1500 Atlanta community members to the Southern Exchange Ballroom and kicked off the two-day digital skills training event to empower small-business owners with the tools and resources they need to build their business. A panel of Atlanta small businesses walked through their own experiences and shared how they use these skills every day in their business. Panelists included: Magnolia Room Tucker - Nate Martin Magnolia Room Tucker was created to pay homage to a restaurant called “S & S Cafeteria”, which the owner was a patron for 15 years. Nate said that the owner saw that people were going to lose a great restaurant to visit and work at, so he bought the business, moved it to Tucker, and even hired on at least 20-25 of the staff. While they have some local competition that has been in business for over 60 years, and Nate says that if it wasn't for Facebook, Magnolia Room would not have survived. A Facebook representative also presented the latest tips and tricks for businesses on the platform. Participants learned best practices on connecting with more customers, creating ads to increase conversions, managing a digital presence and building awareness of a brand. Learn more at: More about Georgia Podcast "Who's Who and What's New Georgia!" Interviewing industry and thought leaders with compelling stories. In addition to the live broadcast, content is distributed across multiple syndicated platforms with more than 500,000 downloads. Show Host: Rich Casanova, Chief Visionary Officer Pro Business Channel Rich Casanova began his broadcasting career in California’s central valley at KSKS-FM. While in California he also ran a successful entertainment company whose staff and crew entertained over 100,000 people. After moving to Atlanta and selling his entertainment company, Casanova ventured into publishing as the Publisher and Franchise Owner of Coffee News, headquartered in Bangor, ME. Later became the Founder and CCO, Chief Connection Officer, of an online platform where local business professionals register to receive a free list of the top 100 networking events in metro Atlanta. With a name like Casanova and his gregarious personality, Rich was a natural as a music radio DJ. "I got the radio bug early in my career and often thought how great it would be if there was an opportunity to participate in a talk radio format with a pro-business perspective interviewing thought leaders from the local business community." Thus was born the Pro Business Channel where Rich is the CoFounder and Chief Visionary Officer. Check out more episodes at: Submit a guest request at: View guest photos at:

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