102 | Making SEO Easy with Meg Pilla Clarke


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Today I’m talking about making SEO easy with Meg Clarke. We have a fantastic discussion about SEO and the things you can do on your website to improve your ranking with Google. She gets into the details of meta-data, content, and all the pieces of SEO. We talk about analytics and the most important thing to consider when working on SEO. She also tells us a little bit about hiring an SEO expert, if that’s where you’re at in your business.

Topics Discussed:

  • What SEO is and why it’s important for creative entrepreneurs
  • How you can evaluate your own website
  • Writing content that helps your Google ranking and serves your audience
  • Keywords and why they’re less important than they used to be
  • The importance of your website speed
  • Meta-data and image alt tags
  • The most important thing to focus on when improving your SEO
  • What analytics you should be focusing on and how you can use that data
  • The difference between website platforms
  • Hiring an SEO expert

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Look at your content and see if anything needs to be updated
  2. Link connected posts together
  3. Look at Google Analytics and see where people are coming from, how long they are on your website, and how many pages they're looking at

Connect with Meg:

Meg Clarke is the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media where she is a master at growing organic traffic. By using data, proven techniques, and years of experience, Meg and her team help to turn web visitors into raving fans that stick around. Meg is a passionate cheerleader for businesses. She teaches entrepreneurs how they can harness the power of Google so that they can make a larger impact on the world. When she is not learning the ins and outs of the latest algorithm update, Meg enjoys playing with her three boys, husband and golden doodle-- and company mascot, named Vader.

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