113 | Using Shopify for Your Website Platform with Mands Burnette


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Today I’m talking about using Shopify for your website platform with Mands Burnette. We talk about Shopify compared to other platforms and why it’s really great for online stores. We get into the inventory management and all of the backend stuff, as well as how the design works and how it compares to other platforms. Mands tells us about some updates that Shopify is releasing that she’s excited about and how she helps her clients design and run their websites and online stores.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why Shopify is the best platform for online stores
  • Updates Shopify is making that will make selling online even easier
  • How Shopify compares to other website platforms like Squarespace and WordPress
  • Designing a Shopify website and the available functionality
  • Using Shopify for inventory management, adding products, POS, and selling online
  • Working with a designer to customize your store
  • Why Shopify is great for SEO and how it helps you

Action Steps:

  1. Make sure you have product descriptions that are standardized
  2. Rename all your file names and alt tags to describe the image
  3. Get someone else to look over your website

Connect with Mands:

Mands Burnette is a designer turned digital marketing maven. This former Shopify Guru took all of the skills and wisdom from years as a designer, combined with the vast knowledge of SEO and marketing and started Burnette + Co. A Digital Marketing Company specializing in helping creatives, makers, inventors, educators, and inspiring women step out to share their passion with the world through clean design, storytelling, and an action plan.

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