114 | Creating a Community Around a Product with Skye Amundsen and Mallory Mascoli


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Today I’m talking about creating a community around a product with Skye Amunden and Mallory Mascoli from hope&plum. We jump in talking about the community they’ve created around their ring slings, including how they decided to start their business with a community focus. We also talk about how they’ve fostered such a supportive environment inside their community and they give us a behind-the-scenes look at how everything is run and the people who help them out. Skye and Mallory also share how they use their community to promote their launches (including their largest-ever launch yet). If you have a product or a service and you want to create a really supportive Facebook community, I recommend checking out this episode and jumping into their community.

Topics Discussed:

  • How hope&plum got started
  • Intentionally building a community from the start
  • Fostering a supportive, inclusive environment
  • How Skye and Mallory run their Facebook group and their team
  • Using a community to promote launches
  • Using what works and what doesn’t from other groups to establish their own rules
  • Skye and Mallory’s favorite part of the community they’ve built

Action Steps:

  1. Have a plan of what you want in your community
  2. Find someone to lean on and help you
  3. Be real

Connect with Skye & Mallory:

Skye and Mallory met one another through an online group of women while trying to conceive their children. They noticed an instant connection and have shared a close relationship through the struggles of trying to get pregnant, the joys and difficulties of pregnancy, and navigating first time parenthood. Mallory introduced Skye to babywearing, and ring slings quickly became both of their favorite way to carry their children. After struggling to find a ring sling company that fit their beliefs and aesthetics, the two women joined forces to start their own company and hope&plum was born! Mallory is a former banker who left her career after her daughter, Selah Plum, was born. hope&plum came around just as Mallory was beginning to miss the fast paced career life and gives her another outlet to pour her energy into, beyond her little family and home. Mallory is pregnant with her rainbow baby Shepard Keane, who will be making his debute into the world within the next few weeks! Skye works as an attorney by day and mother/ wife/ business owner by night (and early mornings). hope&plum has given her an opportunity to pursue her entrepreneurial spirit, while also feeding her passion for babywearing. She has a two year old Eleanor and a seven-month old Madelynn and slings them both almost daily!

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