Re-Release | Managing Multiple Businesses without Complete Overwhelm with Krista Miller


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Today I’m talking with Krista Miller of Krista Rae all about managing multiple business without complete overwhelm. Even if you aren’t managing multiple businesses right now, this episode is still really relevant because we’re talking about practical steps you can take to avoid overwhelm in your business as you’re adding side projects or just juggling client and business work.

I’m excited about the way Krista runs her business and her willingness to share the systems she uses. She gives great advice on how we can run everything without spending 24/7 on our computer or in our business. She also talks about how you can break your tasks up to get everything done and gives her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed.

Krista is a WordPress developer, co-host of the Get Back To Design Podcast, and co-founder of Coded Creative Themes. She specializes in collaborating with passionate designers to craft strategic websites that directly support their clients' goals, while helping them ditch the tech and spend more time doing what they love - design.

Topics Discussed:

  • The businesses Krista runs and how each got started
  • How we can run our business and pursue other projects without working all the time
  • The systems Krista tried and what works best for her
  • Exactly how she organizes her week to allow for client work, business projects, and flexible time
  • How you can break down all your tasks so you can get it all done
  • Her biggest tip for running multiple businesses without getting overwhelmed

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