Re-Release | Website Redesign vs. a Refresh - Which Option is Best


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Today I’m talking about a website redesign versus a refresh or customization and which option is best for you.

Right now, as we go into 2018, a lot of us are looking at redesigning or updating our websites, refreshing what we have so that we can better speak to those dream clients and really start to grow our businesses and meet those big goals in the New Year.

For me, this included updating my website with my new signature process, The Strategic Website Design Roadmap, and I wanted to talk through a couple of the options that are included in order to help you figure out the best way to go about updating your website.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Strategic Website Design Roadmap process
  • What’s included in a Website Redesign
  • What’s included in a Website Customization
  • When you need a complete redesign
  • Examples of clients who designed their websites from beginning to end and why they chose that option
  • When you don’t need to redesign and should consider customization instead
  • Examples of customizations I’ve done for clients and why that option was best
  • How to prepare to update your website

Resources Discussed:

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