Supah Mario Talks Why Producers Need a Tag, The "Loop Pack" Royalty Problem & More


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Supah Mario interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We got up with Supah Mario at a studio in Atlanta to sit down and really talk about a few of the current BIG issues in the music producer community right now. We got the background story on Mario growing up in Columbia, SC which is an area making a lot of noise in the industry right now. We talked about him getting his first placement with Young Thug back in 2013 when he was working a regular job as a janitor and how long it took him to get his next placement and eventually move to Atlanta. We talked a lot about producer tags as well as the grey area that comes when using loops from sample packs that aren't royalty free loops and samples and getting placements with those beats. We briefly talked about how effective co-signs can be from major artists and how they can propel your career exponentially. Lot of real good producer talk in this one.

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