89. From Computer Graphics to Lisbon’s Uni: A Life in Computer Science Education with Miguel Dias


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Recently we’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Miguel Dias, who has 30 years of experience, with more than 10 in the industry leading R&D and Business Development. Miguel is a founder of BIX Citizen a Cloud Service Provider of Home Telehealth and Business Developer of Indicio Solutions, a B2B Cloud Service Provider of Spoken Communication, Data Communication Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. Currently, he’s an Associate Professor with Habilitation in the Department of Sciences and Information Technology at ISCTE University in Lisbon, teaching graduate courses in Computer Graphics and Virtual and Augmented Reality. Timenotes: [15:00] How did he get into the early field of computer graphics [22:20] Talking about 3D rendering libraries and VHS clips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu2zF-us8TE [31:00] Early 1990s at the forefront of the TransEuropean networks IP on top of ATM [35:40] 1998 - guided a bunch of students from ETI 1998, to work on AR /VR projects https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CVi6qNa2d0 [38:40] 11 years at Microsoft [48:30] How to disrupt a public agency with the power of tools like design thinking, service design, and business model generation [55:30] Computers Graphics challenges in University [01:07:00] Books recommendations Books Recommendation: - People Management: 📒 Matrogiacomo, S., Osterwalder, A. (2021), High-Impact Tools for Teams, Wiley - Creativity and Innovation in Design: 📒 Lewrick, M., Link, P., Leifer, L. (2020). The Design Thinking Toolbox, Wiley 📒 Brown, T (2009), Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation, HarperCollins, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0062856623 General Knowlegde: 📒 “Introdução Á Ética Empresarial”, 2ª Ed. de João César Das Neves 📒 “Como Conduzir uma Negociação - Chegar ao Sim”, Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton e William Ury, Lua de Papel 📒 “Sapiens”, Yuval Noah Harari, 26ª Ed, Elsinore 📒 “A estranha ordem das coisas”, António Damásio, Circulo de Leitores, 2017 📒 “Sentir e Saber, A caminho da consciência”, António Damásio, Circulo de Leitores, 2020 “Steve Jobs”, Walter Isacson, Simon & Schuster Ed, 2011 PRODUCTION This podcast was hosted by me, André Marquet. Produced by Teresa Segismundo, with research by Katarzyna Chryczyk and sound editing by Miguel Sousa. ​-- The Productized Podcast is produced by Productized - a series of interviews with product innovators, successful makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope those who listen to the ideas on this show are inspired to productize. For show notes and additional resources related to the Productized Podcast visit medium.com/@Productized.

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