#GirlsWhoProduct with Vidya Dinamani, Founder @ Product Rebels


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Vydia Dinamani is one of the founders of Product Rebels, a company designed to work with product leaders, founders and product teams (at all levels) to fundamentally change the way they work to make fast, clear and effective customer-driven decisions with measurable outcomes. She's also a partner at Ad Astra, an accelerator designed to help scale and grow startups, early businesses through a strong product, financial and leadership curriculum that pays particular attention to female founders. Listen to this podcast to learn how to grow in your career, speak up for your rights, find mentors, become a successful executive and a product leader, lead teams and projects with confidence. 💃About #GirlsWhoProduct: #GirlsWhoProduct is a series of interviews with women that have been able to beat the ‘product’ ceiling and get into the profession. Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower more women to get into product roles and help them consider ‘product’ as a venue of personal and professional growth. This project was made possible thanks to our partnership with Zalando.

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