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​Together with Altice Labs, we talked about productization! The importance of productization, from lab to market and the whole journey it entails. What will be the impact on the future of education? Why should we invest more in education for a more inclusive and technological society? ​This is not an impossible mission... you can be the next winner of the Altice International Innovation Award! Check the website until 23rd September 👉https://www.alticelabs.com/site/innovationaward/ Time notes: [ 05:25 ] About Altice Innovation International Award by Nuno Seixas from Altice Labs [ 17:58 ] I-Lof using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles [ 22:00 ] The technological inspiration for the creation of I-Lof and the evolution of society [ 24:56 ] Mater Dynamics to convert non-electronic objects into smart units [ 27:05 ] The problem of choosing a PhD just to create data rather than bring value to businesses [ 27:37 ] Data libraries for knowledge in order to continue research in science and technology [ 30:04 ] The thesis award is about teaching cars to drive in extreme conditions to increase safety to passengers. How far are we from having autonomous cars? [ 38:00 ] “Mathematics should not the bogeyman: but for that to happen you can’t miss the boat.” [ 39:06 ] We live in a country that has the highest dropout rate at upper secondary and where 50% of students stop learning STEAM at age 14yo: if you were the minister of education what would you do? [ 42:50 ] Einstein only knew two equations, it is not normal that we have to memorise so many others, we need an education with practical examples for our students [ 45:12 ] Only 15% of overall engineering students are women, and even less than that corresponding to IT professionals. Should engineering universities do more to attract women? [ 50:36 ] How is 5G expected rollout later this year going to impact businesses [ 53:08 ] Medical devices are a result of research and design work carried out by partners [ 57:47 ] Apply for the Altice Innovation International Award until 23rd September 👉 www.alticelabs.com/site/innovationaward/

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