Ted Harrington- How to do application security right?


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Host Carolina Messias talks with Ted Harrington, the author of HACKABLE: How to Do Application Security Right and the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the company of ethical hackers famous for being the first to hack the iPhone. He has overseen security research hacking for medical devices, password managers, and cryptocurrency wallets. NOTES: [1:31] From Psychology to hacking [3:45] Ted’s book “Hackable: How to Do Application Security Right.” What PMs need to know about it. [7:50] First steps to secure my product [14:00] At what stage do people usually worry about this issue? [15:53] We’re becoming increasingly more digital dependent, with our files saved in our drives, pictures in the cloud, digital calendars, remote work, social media, and so on. How secure are we with what we save or send online? [17:50] Exploit Chain & Information leakage [20:00] More challenging hacking - The iPhone [25:11] The cybersecurity of iPhone vs other brands [28:40] Starting in the 1980s, with cases of cyber espionage during the cold war and to last year, in 2020, with a Massive Distributed Denial of Service attack against AWS, we've been vulnerable to cyber-attacks and aware of the need for protection. Over time what do you think has changed and kept the same? [38:25] Ethical hackers vs non-ethical hackers The Productized Podcast is produced by Productized - a series of interviews with product innovators, successful makers, and entrepreneurs. We hope those who listen to the ideas on this show are inspired to productize. For show notes and additional resources related to the Productized Podcast visit https://medium.com/@Productized.

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