Episode 12: Learn how French native, Annie Sargent, host of the podcast, "Join Us In France" reintegrated back into French life and culture after living in the US for 16 years. “I could understand all of the words, but none of the concepts.”


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Today, Annie Sargent she tells us about her journey from France, to Utah, and back to France again. We’ll learn about her experiences in the US and in France including:

  • Why she moved to Utah and her experience living in the US as a technical translator.
  • What prompted her move back to France and the impact the move had on her family, including her young daughter in school.
  • The inspiration behind starting her podcast, Join Us in France.
  • What sort of challenges she experienced when reintegrating back into French life, including her thoughts of French administration and how important it was to have both she and her husband’s names on bills.
  • The things she misses from America, including American service.

For more information about Annie’s podcast, as well as her self-guided audio tours and books, visit her website at joinusinfrance.com

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