Foolproof French Visas: Getting the Right Visa For Your Dream Life in France


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5 years in the future, you’re in France, living your dream life. What are 3 things that you’re doing in your life and career?

Now, the reality is that creating these dreams IS possible, and it’s possible in France. And if you haven’t figured out how, yet, it’s not your fault. It’s that French bureaucracy is notoriously difficult to navigate, and when you’re trying to create your dream, you need to make sure it’s built on a solid foundation.
In this brief presentation recorded live at the annual Bloom Where You're Planted Event hosted by the American church in Paris (held via zoom in November 2020), Franceformation and visa specialist Allison Grant Lounes discusses the 5 steps to take to begin the process of envisioning your dream life and of moving to France.
Foolproof French Visas is available as an ebook on or in paperback on Amazon.

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