EP 129 | How Women Can Use Their Superior Leadership Skills to Advance Their Careers with Linda Smith, Esq.


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EP 129 | Profit Boss® Radio

Welcome to episode 129 of Profit Boss® Radio! In today’s episode, we are unpacking the complicated reasons that hold women back from advancing in their careers. From gender bias and sexism to fear and insecurity, we untangle all the messy roadblocks that stand in the way of women rising to success.

If you have ever felt held back in your career, faced limitations placed on you by others, or have felt you or your ideas have been dismissed because you’re a woman, be sure to tune into today’s episode. This is a can’t-miss show full of staggering statistics that point to the value women bring to companies and our natural abilities to assume and succeed in leadership positions.

Not only does my guest Linda Smith, Esq. reveal the ever prevalent gender stereotypes that still plague every industry, but she shares actionable and useful ways women can overcome these known barriers to advance their careers as far as they want. Linda believes that women should be able to choose how far they climb in their careers versus being limited by the corporate culture that persistently holds women back.

Get ready to feel empowered as we uncover how women can use their superior leadership skills to advance their careers and reach success.

For more details, please visit the show notes on our website: https://www.hilaryhendershott.com/women-superior-leadership-skills/

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