EP 141 | Homebuying Do’s and Don’ts: How to Buy Your Dream House FAST


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EP 141 | Profit Boss® Radio

This episode originally aired on Profit Boss Radio Podcast, How to Buy Your Dream House in 28 Days in a Sellers Market Without Multiple Offers, 5/2/17

Welcome to episode 141 of Profit Boss® Radio! Over the last few episodes, we have been talking a lot about building your wealth. For many of you owning your own home will be a critical part of your wealth building journey. Also, investing is integral to building your wealth as well.

This episode is occurring not long after the April 15th tax deadline. So, I am taking a moment to talk about contributing to tax-deferred investment accounts and how it can help put you in a better position come tax season next year.

There are many shows on TV where they make home buying seem like such an easy-breezy experience. You select three homes and pick the one you like the best and then you move in. They do not show the behind the scenes process. In reality, there are many moving parts to navigate the real estate world, and I share some insightful tips in this episode.

Tune in to this week’s episode as I share how to qualify for mortgages, how to write and strategize your offer to stand out in a competitive situation, and so much more! I also reveal my own crazy whirlwind home buying journey that I believe provides excellent advice and encouragement to anyone preparing for their own real estate journey.

Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio

  • The importance of investing in tax-deferred accounts
  • What are the yearly IRA contribution limits and deductions
  • My personal home buying journey
  • Understanding the up-to-date regulations in the home buying process
  • How to understand the mortgage process from beginning to end
  • Why mortgage debt is not bad debt

For more details, please visit the show notes on our website here: https://www.hilaryhendershott.com/buy-dream-house/

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