PBR 133 | Negotiating for More, Part 2


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Welcome to episode 133 of Profit Boss® Radio! In this week’s Part 2 episode of Negotiating for More, we are talking with Rhonda Moret about the subtle things you can do that can make the difference between getting what you want and possibly being shown the door.

Rhonda tells us how body language can help (or hurt) us from getting what we want, as well as the value of “matching and mirroring” and so much more! This is a can’t-miss episode that offers even more actionable communication tips and techniques that can help all of us successfully negotiate for more.

Are you negotiating from a place of power? If you haven’t been, then don’t miss this week’s show. After all, there are opportunities all around us to ask for more. So, let’s get it, ladies!

What You’ll Find Out in this Episode:
  • Ways to rethink about negotiating as part of your everyday life, not just during moments of monetary transactions.
  • Why body language is so critical for successful negotiating.
  • How a seemingly simple handshake can make or break a negotiation before it even starts.
  • What the strategy of “mirroring” is, how it works in business negotiations, and why it matters in most any situation.
  • What “micro-expressions” are and what you can deduce from the other person based on their facial cues.
  • How Hilary uses micro-expressions in her own client relationships and what she has come to learn over time with how best to use these perceptive insights.

For more details, please visit the show notes on our website here: https://www.hilaryhendershott.com/get-more-money/

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