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For the past 18 years Charles Krugel,, has run his own management side labor and employment law practice based in Chicago. Charles’ clients are worldwide and in all industries. He does a Question and Answer format, rather than a lecture format when he does his public speaking to be more engaging with his audience.

Charles and Moshe focus on the talk about public speaking, as a resource for networking and referrals to grow your brand and practice, and how it can be the right fit for you. Charles discussed obtaining speaking engagements, promoting speaking engagements, developing handouts and materials, presentation style, and dealing with difficult questions.

Charles Krugel started public speaking by chance, through an Attorney he met at a networking event in Chicago. The attorney invited Charles to do a talk, even if he had no experience in such, Charles obliged and that’s where he grew his passion for public speaking, and he grew it from there.

Charles highlights his most memorable public speaking engagement was presenting at Chicago city hall, to which he had no political connections, no mentors who can get him into those types of places. He started doing one presentation for them a year. To date, he’s been asked to do four talks a year, and they even threw a referral to Goldman Sachs to top it all off.

Key points that were discussed in the talk are as follows with some brief insights:

  • Obtaining speaking engagementsThrough Chambers of commerce or business associations, if you’re a B to B attorney like he is. But if you're a B to C attorney, then you want to look at other groups or maybe house of chambers of commerce.
  • Promoting speaking engagementsSyndicate over your social media. If you have a connection at the local paper that you can do a PR piece and share that with the local paper. If you have a LinkedIn group, a Facebook group, a pod cast, email newsletter. The possibilities are endless.
  • Developing handouts & materialsCharles thinks that the presentation materials are as important as your speaking style.
  • Presentation styleJust be comfortable with yourself and your personality. Because what works best is with your personality.
  • Dealing with difficult questionsBe kind. Don’t be rude and obnoxious. Luckily for Charles, the organizer takes care of the little distractions such as cellphones, he does not have to bother with that.

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