#147: Jezzibell Gilmore: Bouncing Back From Failure


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Jezzibell Gilmore is SVP Business Development and Co-Founder for packet fabric. Jezzible’s career path hasn’t been a straight line — starting in her 20’s she had many different jobs and then she put the pieces together and realized that technology start-ups is where her skills, passion, and purpose come together. PacketFabric is building a next-generation networking platform to redefine network connectivity. PacketFabric is the ideal combination of carrier network and software as a service, offering a wide range of connectivity solutions between colocation, cloud, and to business partners. On Tuesday, August 27th, PacketFabric Secured a $75m Joint Venture Funding with Digital Alpha Advisors Supporting Connectivity Advances for Next-Generation Networking Platforms.

In this episode we talk about:

* How your career path doesn’t have to be a straight line

* How everything you do contributes to the end goal and no time is ever wasted

* Bouncing back from failure

* Throwing yourself into the fire as an entrepreneur and more

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