101 Dimensions - January 2019-2


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It's my turn again on 101 Dimensions and this time I've dug a little deeper into the archives, in an effort to find some stuff that I think is cool and maybe you may not have heard. Here's what I dug up:
1. Nattefrost - In Natura (4:21); Draconian (5:43); Music For The Man (5:25); and Die Kinder Der Erde (4:58) (from the album Dying Sun – Scarlet Moon, 2010)
2. Ian Tescee – The New World (5:28); Passport (6:02); Earthrise (4:01); and The Lost City Of Mars (4:16) (from the album A Traveler's Guide To Mars, 2008)
3. Silicon Psychosis – The Silent Message (5:27); Aliens vs. Robots vs. Humans (5:14); Humanoid Space Invaders (6:00); and Noises In My Head (5:30)
4. Brian Eno – Targa (18:49) (from the album 77 Million – An AudioVisual Installation, 2006)
5. Michael Stearns – Chronos (41:45) (from the album Chronos, 1985)
Until next time...Prog On!

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