101 Dimensions June 2019-2


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So the 101 Dimensions schedule has rolled around to me once again. And despite the fact that we have just experienced the longest day of the year, I have charted a bit of a darker course this time. Here's what's in store:
1. Shamall – Pong Tscha (6:52); The Whole Story Of The Turning (11:46); Monotonie (5:56); and Snowfall (4:51) (from the album Collector's Items (1986 – 1993), 1993)
2. Darkroom – Butterfly 2 (7:52); After Dark (9:28); and Dark Tomb (6:21) (from the album The DAC Mixes, 2004)
3. Asturias – Distance (5:41); Cryptogram Illusion (4:20); Adolescencia (4:22); Mistral Island (3:41); and Phoenix (5:33) (from the album Cryptogram Illusion, 1993)
4. Tolpamin – Venus In The Noise (4:01); Carnival Glass (4:22); Ropes Of Reckoning (3:48); and Il Sorpasso (3:21) (from the EP Tolpamin, 2018)
5. Ian Boddy – Welcome To The Soundhouse (9:47); and Zero-G (15:00) (from the album The Final Question, 2007)
I hope you will join me!
Until next time...be well...and Prog On, my brothers and sisters!
T (not Thomas Thielen)

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