E46 Veterans and Project Managers Transitioning to Civilian Life


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Are you a Veteran or do you know a Veteran struggling to transition to the civilian workforce? What services are available for our Veterans, Military and Veteran Spouses and Servicemembers to assist with the transition? Listen to this episode to hear Kandi Tillman, Terra Thrash and Craig Jones discuss the challenges and opportunities that face our Veterans with this transition.
Kandi is a Veteran Spouse and advocate who discussed several tools available to help such as Skillbridge, LinkedIn, and Mentoring. She also provided great insight to the nuances and differences between a Military Spouse and a Veteran Spouse.
Terra is a Project Manager at USAA and also still active duty within the US Air Force. She shared her story and the challenges as a 17 yr old recruit working her way into leadership roles within the military. She speaks to the importance of building relationships within the military and how those relationships will be important for the transition.
Craig shared his story with his transition from the Marines to now working as a Program Manager at USAA. Craig provides great perspective on why a civilian Project Manager role is a great career choice for a transitioning Veterans. He shares to “start with the end game” as advice for Servicemembers to think where you are headed and not just where you are today.

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