Episode 062 - Communicate Like A Conservation Project Manager


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One of the most powerful skills to master as a conservation project manager is communication, put simply know when it is time to talk, and not talk just for the sake of talking. We’ve all been to one of these meetings where someone just keeps talking about something that was covered already. Wishing the project manager would redirect the conversation back to the agenda. Or wishing the project manager would just end the meeting so the team can get back to work. Perhaps you are a conservation project manager or want to be one, today I share tips on how you can boost your communication skills so you can be wiser, listen to understand, and respect the time of your team members. Keep your meetings short, concrete, and frequent. Remember to include everyone, complement each other, don’t compete for attention. Because… as George Bernard Shaw states “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

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