Proletarian Poetry Party (10/2/19)


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in Philadelphia at Wooden Shoe Books. All my thanks to KM for organizing and hosting; to Paintbucket and James for gathering us together in the first place, in this very online way; to Isobel for her generous recording and editing; to Ronnie for driving down to Philly with me in the rain; to Brendan for driving 7 hours from Cleveland to read; to Patrick for printing and distributing them zines (to JumpsuitUtopia for designing them); to Shel for reading poems that made me cry; to Amy for reading poems that made me laugh; to Steele for reciting your goddamn poems what the fuck; to everyone who was there whose names I don't know and who I love who came to hear us read; to the two beautiful strangers who helped me pay for the tickets I incurred on the way home; to you for listening and caring, allegedly.

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