133 | How to pitch yourself to podcasts with Caroline Hull & Brittney Lynn (Part 1)


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I am really excited about our topic and guests for this week because two of my team members, Caroline Hull and Brittney Lynn, are joining me for two special episodes about how to pitch yourself to podcasts. Caroline and Brittney both have experience working in the podcasting world. Caroline owns her own podcast editing company, Wild Home Podcasting, and Brittney Lynn specializes in PR management. Today’s we’re covering everything what to do and what not to do, how to prepare for an interview and what you can do to spread the word once the podcast airs.

For some background on the amazing ladies who help me run Proof to Product, Caroline Hull has seen all sides of podcasting. As the co-host of the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast, she’s been on the receiving side of many podcast pitches. Caroline has also been featured on dozens of podcasts by other people, including Episode 45 of Proof to Product where she talked about the importance of taking a break in business.

Brittney Lynn also knows the ins and outs of podcasting. As my PR manager, Brittney sees all the incoming pitches from people who want to be on Proof to Product. She also regularly pitches media opportunities to her clients for Podcasts and traditional media. You can hear more about the type of work Brittney does on Episode 66 of Proof to Product.

We hope you enjoy Part 1 today and stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday!


  • The best and worst podcast pitches
  • Advice to make your pitch really stand out
  • Why you should always relate back to the listener
  • How to personalize your pitch
  • How to handle follow-ups
  • Why you should know exactly who you’re addressing
  • Tips for avoiding acting like a robot


”You can't just go in and be like, hey, my product is awesome and like you should have me on your podcast.” - Brittney Lynn

“When I can tell that they've actually listened to the podcast, that’s a really huge thing.” - Caroline Hull

“Businesses are built on relationships, so take a little bit more time to customize what you're saying to people and refine the ask.” - Katie Hunt

“Include the topics of what you can talk about on that podcast and how you can bring value because that's really what's going to differentiate you from other pitches.” - Brittney Lynn

“Keep it short and sweet and get to the point and go from there.” - Brittney Lynn

“Come at it with the perspective that you’re communicating with another human being. How would you want to be communicated with?” - Brittney Lynn

“Just because they come on the podcast doesn't mean that everybody's going to go run and buy their product because that's not what the purpose of our podcast is.” - Caroline Hull



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