Prop Talk Podcast #012 – James Comisar, The Comisar Collection | Interview by The Original Prop Blog with Jason DeBord


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James Comisar, special guest. This is the twelfth ‘Prop Talk’ podcast by the Original Prop Blog. Mr. James Comisar is the curator of the most comprehensive collection of original television artifacts in the world – wardrobe, props, sets, set decoration, vehicles, and more, spanning 60 years of popular culture history. He is a principal expert in this field and specialist in authentication, preservation, investment, restoration, and other important aspects of pop culture memorabilia and ephemera collecting.

Mr. Comisar was kind enough to take the time to share with readers of the Original Prop Blog and listeners of the Prop Talk podcast.

This article hosts the next in a regular ongoing series of full-length audio podcasts featuring one on one interviews with interesting people who participate in and/or affect the hobby of collecting and preserving original movie and television props, costumes, and other assets. The twelfth guest of this program is James Comisar.

Please note that this recorded interview is intended exclusively for the Original Prop Blog and it cannot be repurposed or used in any other form without prior written consent from Mr. Comisar.

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The Comisar Collection website can be found at

As announced in the interview, The Comisar Collection & now has an official Facebook page, which will host a wealth of information, photos, videos, and more. This can be accessed via the link below:

I really appreciate and extend thanks to Mr. Comisar for taking the time to share with the audience of the Original Prop Blog.

Jason DeBord

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