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JUDGMENT ON APOSTASY, HOW THE LORD SEES THE APOSTATE CHURCH, by the 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11, MIGHTIEST MIGHTIEST PROPHETS OF THE LORD, DR. OWUOR, THE MEGA PROPHETS OF ETERNITY. "Luke 18:8 When the Son of Man appears will HE find any faith at all?" Meaning, in the negative HE will not. Apostasy = Falling away from faith, falling away from true faith. In the Bible apostasy is a capital offense. THE LORD JESUS was exalting those who stand firm unto the end. However, those that stand firm will be saved. He is talking about persecution will be there and the need to stand firm. Matthew chapter 24 many false prophets will come because of the increase in wickedness people will fall away from true faith. The love of most will wax cold. A day will come when it will be difficult to maintain faith. Apostasy ia the defiance against the legitimate Authority of THE LORD: A rebellion, an uprising, a breach, disobedience, insurrection, insubordination, revolt, give up, defect. When you defect they champion that defection becuase it is so acrimonous conctentious contested anger negative energy, because they are going over to the other side. They are equated with a mole. Meaning you belong to another and have been spying here. John 6:66-67 Will you also walk away? To begin with they were not part of us; they have been moles. They renouce the cross, reject the cross, disown the cross, they discard the cross, the desertion of the cross, they contravert the cross. Abadonement of faith in GOD by those who were once enlightened. http://repentandpreparetheway.org http://www.jesusislordradio.info

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